Celebrating our volunteers

A volunteer: “a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking” – Dictionary.com.

Every year, we are joined by a group of German volunteers who dedicate a year or less to serve with Mosaic. Without any form of financial reward, they leave South Africa with the knowledge that they have

made a tremendous difference in the lives of our children. Without our volunteers, our everyday logistics will not be possible. Here is just an idea of what they do during their time in South Africa.

Helping with the new centre

Our German volunteers have been helping to put the final touches on the new Mosaic Centre. Covered in paint from head to toe, they have been working around the clock. Their hard work will help us open the new centre very soon!

Afterschool Program

The volunteers and children

recently had a fashion show. The children had to put together outrageous outfits. Four of the children acted as the judges and selected the child with the most outrageous outfit. The lucky winner, was Mr. fashionable, William.

This month, the German volunteers took a couple of children to a local Pizzaria where they enjoyed some yummy pizza. Every month or so, a selected group of children are taken on a fun outing. These children have shown good behaviour and participation in the after school program.

Goodbye Jenny!

This week, we had to say goodbye to one of our volunteers. All the way from the United States, Jenny has been helping out at the after school program for the past three months. We are truly going to miss her and wish her all the best of luck with

the next adventure!

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