Boys and Girls Night

The Tswana culture with its many superstitions, has made us realize that our children, even though they are Christians, do not understand basic Biblical principles and how Christians should live according to it.

Recently one of our teenage girls fell pregnant and through conversations with parents and the children, made us realize that they do not know that according to the Bible, sex before marriage is wrong.

Louise and Meyer decided to have a Boys and Girls night every Wednesday evening at the Mosaic Centre. The evening starts off with enjoying some coffee and delicious biscuits. After a while, the boys gather upstairs and the girls downstairs to discuss how Christians must live according to what the Bible says.

The whole idea is to build a relationship with the children and to create a safe environment of trust where they can share their fears as well as questions about the Bible, faith and how our lifestyle should reflect Biblical principles.

We are currently discussing a book called “What does the Bible say about sex?” After our first session, the children shared with their parents what they have learnt and some of the parents came to us with questions of their own. This created the perfect platform to speak into our parent’s lives about what the Bible says so that they can teach their children the truth.

The children are very enthusiastic, ask many questions and we can see that they are learning many new things. During our sessions, we are much better informed about all the issues they struggle with. We have come to learn that many do not have Bibles and so we have recently provided them with some.

We believe that one hour’s spiritual input add more value to our children’s lives and we hope to build a strong spiritual foundation in the lives of our parents and children.

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