Mosaic was founded by South Africans Meyer and Louise Conradie. As Christians, they felt that God called them to take care of orphans in their home country, as it is encouraged in James 1:27b: “True faith is evident through visiting the widowed and the orphaned in their affliction.” God gave them the vision to care for these orphaned children through the creation of a sustainable community, where families would be given opportunities to better their circumstances through employment, education, and love.

In 2009, Meyer and Louise befriended a single mother caring for five orphaned children living in Ikageng. This woman, Sannah Soul, completely transformed the way that they thought about orphan care, and inspired them to put all of their focus and energy into building a sustainable orphan care community. That same year, the first Foster home was built for Sannah by a group from Hopewell United Methodist Church in Pennsylvania, USA. By the end of 2009, Mosaic received its first full-time volunteer from Germany. This volunteer, Anna, and all volunteers after her started after-school programs with the children living in the Mosaic community. These programs are still active today and continue to improve the children’s social skills, language skills, academic achievement and development on many other levels.

Today, Mosaic has over 20 homes housing over 80 children, of whom more than 50 are orphans; has several business ventures focused on job creation, including Made by Mosaic and Mosaic Builders, which provide jobs for more than 30 people in total; a training centre to facilitate afterschool activities and a permanent flow of volunteers from South Africa, Germany, and the United States. The first Mosaic community is located in Ikageng (called Mosaic Ikageng), outside of Potchefstroom, and the second is located in the Western Cape, in the Mbkweni township (called Mosaic Paarl Valley). Plans are in place to continue to replicate the Mosaic model in other locations throughout southern Africa.