Two more houses!

House 18 and 19

We were recently joined by an outreach team all the way from the United States. The Montana team helped us build our 18th house in less than a week! A typical week of building usually consists of stacking bricks, paving and painting the walls. The team’s passion and commitment for bringing the house to life was everyday evident. After a week of hard work, the team had a housewarming party for the new family. We would like to thank the team for all they have done!

Just as the team left, we were joined by another team from Hopewell United Methodist Church in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The team is currently building house 19 and in just a couple of days have managed to put most of the house together. We will keep you updated on the latest developments.

Farewell, Daniela and Nora

Every year we have the privilege of two German volunteers joining us for 12 months. From working at the Mosaic Afterschool program, helping at local preschools, building houses and assisting with everyday logistics, the volunteers form everlasting friendships with the families and staff of Mosaic. Unfortunately, 12 months can’t last forever and just when we say ‘hi’, we have to say ‘goodbye’.

For the past year, Daniela and Nora have not only served alongside us, but have also become our family and friends. We are saddened to say goodbye, but we are also very excited to see where life will lead them. We have seen tremendous growth in these two girls and we know that their futures are bright! Thanks, girls, for everything you did for us!

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