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2016 Annual Report

It has been a wonderful year for Mosaic and we are excited to share our official report for 2016 with you. Have a look to see what has been happening in only a year's time!

2015 Annual Report

Another year has passed full of blessing and tremendous growth for Mosaic. From an expansion in the Western Cape to new sustainable business ventures, it's safe to say that it was a fantastic year for us. Check out our official report!

PA May 30th Fundraiser!

Please join Mosaic’s Founder and CEO Meyer Conradie at the American Helicopter Museum on Saturday, May 30th from 6-9pm in West Chester, PA. You will hear the latest information about Mosaic in Ikageng and Paarl Valley (in the Western Cape!). The evening will include South African food, videos from South Africa, silent auction items and a 50/50 raffle. Your favorite Made by Mosaic products will be available for sale and several NEW products will launch at this event! Tickets are $40 and include a full dinner and wine tasting. A limited number of tickets are available, so don't miss out! BUY TICKETS

2014 Annual Report

We're excited to share with you our 2014 Annual Review! Over the course of 2014, we've seen tremendous growth in our organisation from new education ventures and new family houses to a second Mosaic site in the Western Cape.

Mosaic Mbekweni – Coming 2015!

It is with tremendous excitement and gratitude that we announce our expansion to the Mbekweni township in the Western Cape! Mbekweni (Mm-buh-kway-nee) is located between Wellington and Paarl, and it's closest major city is Cape Town. From the beginning, it has been our vision to create a sustainable and replicable orphan care solution for South Africa. Now, we're one step closer to achieving our goal! Joining us and leading our Western Cape expansion is Nielen Beker, who has a background in ministry and a life-long passion for business. Nielen and his wife Lulu, a professional artist, are both very welcome additions to the Mosaic team! A series ...

Veggies for a healthy lifestyle

When we started our new Mosaic health program, we visited our foster parents to learn more about their eating habits and lifestyles. We found that the majority of their meals are built around pap- a low-nutrient, but very filling maize porridge- and meat, with very few vegetables. We also learned that many of our foster parents are struggling with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. With some teaching, our families learned that vegetables are a very important piece of a healthy, balanced diet. To make the addition of vegetables into their diets a little easier, we encouraged them to use the space outside their homes to grow their own, and ...

Naledi Christian Academy Has Launched!

On the 9th of August, we launched our brand new school- The Naledi Christian Academy! Of course, we didn't envision a launch with speeches and ribbon cutting alone- in typical Mosaic style, we organized community members along with donors, future school parents, and partner staff members to begin construction on our new school grounds. We planted grass and trees, and painted walls, gates, and fences. It was an incredible experience for us, watching donors and local community members come together and get their hands dirty, all while building a better future for the children of our community! If you want to read more about the school, view our ...

Our New Partnership with Nature’s Finest

I'm excited to share that Mosaic is entering into a new partnership with a local business called Nature's Finest, which manufactures high-end corporate gifts. Nature's Finest has sourced the best quality products that South Africa has to offer, including Made by Mosaic products, and puts a strong emphasis on organic, natural, and fair trade products. Together, we've developed several gift options featuring Mosaic's logo and brand, and Mosaic will directly benefit any time that these products are purchased in the form of a donation. Further, Made by Mosaic employees will be packaging all of Nature's Finest products, allowing us to create more jobs ...

Mandela Day 2014

Mandela Day is traditionally a day in which South Africans come together to perform 67 minutes of service in their communities in tribute to Nelson Mandela, where each minute represents one year of his public service. While, as a non-profit organization, we had the opportunity to welcome many volunteers and donations, we decided to take a different perspective this year. As a large organization with many priveleged beneficiaries, we felt that the right thing for us to do was to serve rather than to be served. We want our foster families and employees to understand that they too are in a position to give back to their own community. For this ...

Mosaic School Holiday Program

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change theworld.” Nelson Mandela’s powerful words have truly inspired us to make education a top priority here at Mosaic. Many children in Ikageng have never dared to dream big. They have never considered the many career opportunities that do exist for them. Due to their circumstances, it is impossible for them to imagine becoming a world-renowned heart surgeon, a successful businessman, or the next President of South Africa. This holiday, we wanted to challenge our children to think beyond school, and to imagine where life might lead them in the future. We want them to understand ...