Foster Homes

All of our families come from dire circumstances, and all have previously lived in a tin shack without even the most basic amenities. These shelters are dangerous for many reasons, including their high risk for catching fire due to indoor cooking; extreme temperatures without the ability to heat or cool the shelter; and the quick spread of diseases and illnesses due to overpopulation and crowded living conditions. Here, it is not uncommon for a family of eight to share a small one-room shack. A typical shack is built out of scrap building material, it doesn’t have a floor, and a standard size is approximately 3×4 meters, 12 square meters, or 30 square feet.

Families living in the Mosaic community are given a brick home with electricity, running water and a full bathroom. This is a drastic, life-changing move for them. In fact, some of the most emotional moments we’ve experienced here at Mosaic have been while moving families from shacks into their new brick homes.

All of our homes have been built by volunteer groups who help us by financing the construction of the house and by building it with us, brick by brick. If you’re interested in an immersive volunteering experience, you can check out our page about volunteering with Mosaic or e-mail for more information.