June 5, 2015- Sun Downer 2

Sun Downer 2

Last year’s event was simply Act 1.
The African Sun Downer is back. And it’s bigger and better than ever.

Chances are, you attended or donated to last year’s Mosaic School Project at the Griffin’s home. Or perhaps you missed the opportunity — and just heard the buzz around what’s happening with this great cause.

But no matter your level of involvement in last year’s event — the event is back for Act 2 — and the team is planning twice as many ways to change lives in South Africa.

So here’s the deal: Please set aside the evening of Friday, June 5 for a special night that was life-changing for so many last year — both in South Africa, and here in the Triangle.

There will be more information to follow shortly. So mark that calendar, and thank you! And share this e-mail with those who might share in this cause.

If you’d like to learn more or make sure someone else is on the list, contact:
Anna & John Griffin