Mandela Day 2014

Mandela Day is traditionally a day in which South Africans come together to perform 67 minutes of service in their communities in tribute to Nelson Mandela, where each minute represents one year of his public service.

While, as a non-profit organization, we had the opportunity to welcome many volunteers and donations, we decided to take a different perspective this year.

As a large organization with many priveleged beneficiaries, we felt that the right thing for us to do was to serve rather than to be served. We want our foster families and employees to understand that they too are in a position to give back to their own community.

For this reason, we spent the day making soup for our community, and we teamed up with volunteers from North West University, local companies, and within the Mosaic community to give soup and warm clothing away to others living in Ikageng.

It was a wonderful day, and a great experience for all involved. We’re already looking forward to expanding our local community service initiative for Mandela Day next year!

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