Mosaic Mbekweni – Coming 2015!

  • Mosaic South Africa opening in Mbekweni

It is with tremendous excitement and gratitude that we announce our expansion to the Mbekweni township in the Western Cape! Mbekweni (Mm-buh-kway-nee) is located between Wellington and Paarl, and it’s closest major city is Cape Town. From the beginning, it has been our vision to create a sustainable and replicable orphan care solution for South Africa. Now, we’re one step closer to achieving our goal!

Joining us and leading our Western Cape expansion is Nielen Beker, who has a background in ministry and a life-long passion for business. Nielen and his wife Lulu, a professional artist, are both very welcome additions to the Mosaic team!

A series of visits to the greater Cape Town area along with my wife Louise have been very promising, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the partnerships that are developing for us. We are honoured to have the support of the HRG Trust, and are excited about partnerships with several other local community projects, some of which have existed for ten or more years. These new partners will provide priceless insight and guidance into the Mbekweni area.

Starting in 2015, we will use our first year in the Western Cape to grow our connections with other community-based initiatives, to learn more about the Xhosa (Koh-sa) language and culture, and to secure land on which to begin building our Mosaic Mbekweni community. We plan to build our first home in the Western Cape in January 2016. Thank you for your continued support for Mosaic and for our vision to grow God’s kingdom in South Africa- you are helping us making a difference!

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