Mosaic US Fundraising Tour Feedback

What an exciting week I had traveling with Meyer throughout the US this June. This year, because we are blessed to have support from so many areas around the country, we decided to hop on a few planes and visit everyone we could to express our thanks for their generosity and to ask for continued support.

Throughout the week and a half that Meyer was in the US, we attended 7 EVENTS (in addition to about half a dozen unofficial get- togethers). We know there are friends that we didn’t get a chance to connect with in our short time, so we’re already busy planning another trip!! I hope that everyone reading this will understand the graciousness and love that we felt in every location. I hope that you can feel the same excitement we felt as we shared the mission of Mosaic for the first time with many, and renewed commitments to Mosaic for the second or third time with so many more.

Here’s our trip by the numbers:
7 fundraising events, 6 domestic and 2 international flights, 5423 miles flown in the US, 351 new friends made, and $100,000 dollars raised… which means, 2 new community soccer fields to be built, 6 new houses for 6 new Mosaic families, 1 new school to open in January 2015 and COUNTLESS smiles, hugs, and expressions of love, support, and excitement!!

Thank you for the time, energy, financial support, and love that you poured into the Mosaic mission throughout our trip. Our hearts are so, so full.

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