Veggies for a healthy lifestyle

  • Gardening at Mosaic South Africa

When we started our new Mosaic health program, we visited our foster parents to learn more about their eating habits and lifestyles. We found that the majority of their meals are built around pap- a low-nutrient, but very filling maize porridge- and meat, with very few vegetables. We also learned that many of our foster parents are struggling with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

With some teaching, our families learned that vegetables are a very important piece of a healthy, balanced diet. To make the addition of vegetables into their diets a little easier, we encouraged them to use the space outside their homes to grow their own, and even offered to help! During our afterschool program, the Mosaic children got their hands dirty and helped their parents plant seedlings in their new gardens- a fun and educational experience for them. Each home has designated gardeners who will care for these little gardens, which we planted in recycled tires to better control the health of the plants inside. Now, we’re looking forward to a big, bountiful vegetable harvest in December!

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