We envision a South Africa where every orphan is loved and cared for, so we’re implementing our country’s first self-sustainable orphan care model.

The majority of our nation’s orphans are born into situations in which their caretakers struggle to find and keep work, and in turn often can’t provide for even their most basic needs, such as  food and shelter.

In order to give our children the bright and hopeful futures they deserve, we are building and implementing a sustainable orphan care model that includes housing, educating, and employing families caring for orphans in the townships of South Africa.

How? We identify families with two or more orphans who are either in foster care or have been adopted. We build them a brick house with water, plumbing, and electricity, along with separate rooms for boys, girls, and parents. We offer skills training and employment through our two job creation initiatives for parents to provide them with a sustainable source of income. Then, we address the family’s social needs such as life skills training for parents and supplemental educational activities for the children.

Though we are currently based in Ikageng (outside of Potchefstroom, in the North West province),we are dedicated to building a replicable model that will work in other townships in South Africa. As we expand we hope to see more Mosaic communities start and grow along with us. If you are interested in learning more about how you can start a Mosaic community in your area, e-mail meyer [AT] to get the conversation started.