This is the core of Mosaic’s 3-layered approach to orphan and vulnerable child care programs and includes Parent, Child, and Job Readiness/Skills development programs currently operating out of 3 community centres in South Africa. The Mosaic Model consists of:

Mosaic identifies families that are currently fostering or have adopted at least two orphans; serving them in Mosaic-built community centers.

If the foster parent does not have a job that sustains them and their foster children, Mosaic will train them for a trade and provide job coaching, helping them find reliable jobs that will provide them with a sustainable way to ensure basic needs are being met.

If the family home is inadequate, Mosaic will build them a house—one with electricity, water, and sanitation in addition to separate bedrooms for the adults, boys, and girls. The house will then be rented at an extremely reduced rate to the family so they can experience the pride of providing for their own family.

Mosaic creates better futures for orphan and vulnerable children through access to higher-quality schools, after-school programs, talent development programs, emotional and spiritual care programs, and access to college scholarships for interested young adults in the programs.

Mosaic offers continuing life skills training for the foster parents. This includes training in health and hygiene education, financial management education, and other essential areas of development. Mosaic also facilitates support groups and church community meetings for foster parents, and when applicable, helps parents get connected to government programs.

The Koliti family have been part of Mosaic’s Family Development programs for a few of years, here they share what the impact of Mosaic has been in their lives.