A short film about finding hope in an unexpected place…in the homes of women fostering orphans and vulnerable children in the townships of South Africa

For three days in 2022, at three different locations in South Africa, the beauty of these fostering women was brilliantly captured.  Now produced in a short film and hardbound book, Hope Lives Here is available for viewing.  Celebrate these Mosaic Moms as they share their personal stories of strength, love, bravery, dignity, faith, and HOPE.





May 11th – Women’s Table Talk,

Downingtown PA



“As I watched Hope Lives Here being filmed, I knew it would be a powerful witness to how strong, beautiful, and full of HOPE these women are, despite the challenging circumstances with which they live.  I love the short film because it bridges the gap between life in South Africa and our lives in the US.  It shows how similar mothers around the world are.  Come to The Colonial Theater on March 2nd and see for yourself.” – Cammy Brantzeg (Hope Lives Here Event Planner)

Prepare to be inspired!

A Note to Parents:  Hope Lives Here contains a brief mention of a sexual assault that may be disturbing for young viewers.  Your discretion is advised.

Women’s Table Talk

Thursday, May 11th 

Hopewell Church

852 Hopewell Road

Downington, PA

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Join the conversation as we celebrate the strength and beauty of these Mosaic Moms and discover your own!

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for more information.

If you cannot attend our event, you can still get a copy of the beautiful Hope Lives Here book. Click on the button below to donate $50 or more, and we will send you the book as a gift:

You can share this beautiful message of HOPE, by, hosting a watch party, getting friends and family together, or by setting up a Hope Lives Here fundraiser.

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