Our OVC-care partner incubation and acceleration program serves like-minded OVC-care organizations who can benefit from the experience and capabilities Mosaic has to accelerate their own growth.




Mosaic Deben

We know that one organisation will not be able to serve all orphaned and vulnerable children and their families in South Africa, but we believe that through partnerships we can achieve our goal. Organisations or individuals partner with us, by implementing the Mosaic Model in their local community. Through these partnerships we will be able to see significantly more OVC and their caregivers reach their God-given potential.

Mosaic Deben is the first such partnership. They are an independently registered Mosaic Centre implementing the Mosaic Model with all its different programmes in Deben in the Northern Cape. We support them in the following ways:

Access to all Mosaic’s operational resources, including the content of the different programmes and individual consultation with our Operations Officer.

Access to our administrative framework, which include policies, structures and procedures to support operations in a responsible and transparent manner.

Access to various training and development opportunities.

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