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At Mosaic we believe that it’s possible for children to be safe and at the same time to include/inform a donor on every single aspect of that child’s development.

Through OVCmeasure software, we keep track of the wellbeing of every single child in Mosaic. Keeping track of 8 areas of wellbeing of a child helps us to see whether a child is progressing, and if not, what we can possibly do different to help this child to progress. OVCmeasure now also gives you, as a child sponsor, limited access to a child’s profile so that you can see everything we see, except the child’s identity. Thus, keeping you included in the growth of the child and also keeping the child safe from people with intentions of harming this child that you want to help.

Most people ask us if they will ever meet the child that they sponsor…? Our approach to children knowing their sponsors is simple. We believe that it is best for a child living in poverty to not know the person behind the proverbial “cheque-book”, so we do not disclose the sponsor’s identity to the child, until he/she is 18. Once your sponsored child is 18 and you have a desire to meet him/her, we do an assessment with the child to determine his/her readiness as well as a police clearance process with the sponsor before setting up an e-meet.

If you want to understand more about this process or why we decided to do child sponsorships in this manner, you are welcome to read this article referencing research studies on the topic. Or you can also contact us directly, we would love to talk to you through our thinking process.

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