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What you can expect to see about your child

Child's general profile
Child's overall wellbeing
Child's program attendance with Mosaic

You will notice that we don’t publish photos of the individual children who need sponsors.  Mosaic’s first priority is and will always be the well-being and safety of our children.  Rather than publishing photographs…

each child has chosen their own special name and has drawn a picture that they feel describes them to invite you into their life.  Because our online platform lets you be a part of tracking their development and wellbeing, seeing how they move into their potential, at any given moment, we hope you will agree that this continual insight  will allow you to be a part of their success more than any photo would. Keeping track of a number of developmental and wellbeing aspects of a child is not only a way to allow you to be a part of their life, but it actually helps us to see whether a child is developing, and if not, what we can possibly do different to help this child to develop.

Many people ask us if they will ever meet the child that they sponsor…? Our approach to children knowing their sponsors is simple. We believe that it is best for a child living in poverty to not know the person behind the “money”, so we do not disclose the sponsor’s identity to the child, until the child is 18. Once your sponsored child is 18 and you have a desire to meet them, we do an assessment with the child to determine their readiness as well as a police clearance process with the sponsor before setting up an e-meet.

If you want to understand more about the OVCmeasure system we use, or why we decided to do child sponsorships in this way, you are welcome to visit www.OVCmeasure.com where it is explained why specific things are measured, and how. Or you can also contact us directly and we would love to talk you through our thinking process.

Stories of Success

Stories of children achieving their potential through our programs

What your monthly $35 / R500 does for a child:

Helps them achieve their potential in school, through our daily after-school program.

Helps them achieve their potential in music or sport, through our weekly talent development program.

Ensure a weekly check-in with their family at their house, by one of our care workers.

Ensures that their family receives support from Mosaic on different social, emotional and physical levels...

How do I sponsor a child?

  • Step 1:

Choose a child you want to sponsor on our online platform, www.OVCmeasure.com

  • Step 2:

Fill in your details

  • Step 3:

We will send you an email with login details within 48 hours, so that you can follow your child’s development