A Monthly Giving Program Providing Stability in the Lives of Orphans and their Caretakers

The Gogo Club is a monthly giving program that provides sustainability and stability to Mosaic’s general operations, supporting Mosaic’s efforts to fulfill its vision:

To see that every orphan and vulnerable child across Africa has a loving and caring family, where they can be equipped to realize their God-given potential.

As a Gogo Club Member, you will:

  • Get an exclusive window into the lives of our Mosaic children and their caretakers.
  • Receive monthly reports on all the recent happenings at Mosaic.
  • Personal invitations to come and experience the Mosaic Family Development Program on the ground in South Africa.

What is a Gogo?

When parents die, the orphans in Africa often go live with a gogo, the Zulu word for grandmother. A gogo is a constant in the lives of orphans. It is someone who provides stability and a path forward for these children. Similarly, the monthly givers in Mosaic’s Gogo Club provide the sustaining lifeblood that Mosaic needs to maintain its operations and continue pursuing its mission of creating systemic and lasting change in orphans and vulnerable children within Africa.

There is no greater gift than to see an orphaned and vulnerable child in a loving and caring family; no greater blessing than to see a healthy, intact family; no greater hope than people working together in solidarity for a good beyond themselves.
This is what we do at Mosaic and we welcome you to become the drumbeat of our efforts.

Walk alongside us each and every month through joining the Gogo Club

Nomthandazo is proudly taking care of her 6 grandchildren. After an abusive marriage, two daughters, and lifetime of working to support her family financially, she chose to be a foster mother because she wanted to ensure a bright future for her grandchildren.
Her wish is that they have the best education and a safe and healthy lifestyle. Always a source of joy and love for all who know her, Nomthandazo is an exemplary gogo and a beautiful face for Mosaic’s Gogo Club.